Speech Therapy Program

Speech Therapy Graphic

The 2016 Speech Therapy Funds for the first half of the year have been allocated.  Those interested in participating the second half of 2016, please contact Board Chair Sue Covey at suecovey@dsosn.org or call the office at 702-648-1990.

To All DSOSN Members Interested in the Speech Therapy Program,

The following information is an overview of the DSOSN Speech Therapy Program for those members interested in having their child participate in the program.  The program begins in January of every calendar year with a “mandatory” meeting and is based on available funding.

The DSOSN Speech Therapy Program provides speech therapy to individual with Down syndrome throughout Southern Nevada from age birth through young adulthood with weekly speech therapy sessions for their child from a Nevada state licensed speech therapist. Speech therapists provide monthly progress reports to DSOSN on each child they serve. This program has proven to significantly improve the speech, language and overall communication skills of these children.

The DSOSN Speech Therapy Program is unique and valuable because we are the only organization in Southern Nevada that specifically offers speech therapy to individuals with Down syndrome. Licensed Speech Therapists provide speech therapy sessions that cater to the unique needs associated with individuals affected by Down syndrome. The program began in 2005.

Who: We serve individuals with Down syndrome in Southern Nevada from birth through young adulthood. Individuals of all ages and gender participate in the program.

What: The DSOSN Speech Therapy Program was implemented due to numerous parents requesting help with ways to improve the speech and language skills of their children. The program is implemented on a voucher system in which parents are allocated quartering funds based on their financial needs through a voucher. They take the voucher with them to each therapy session and the speech therapist signs the voucher verifying the child has received a session. At the end of each month the vouchers are cross referenced with the invoices we receive from the speech therapist, and then DSOSN pays the speech therapists directly.

Where: DSOSN has approximately 8 state licensed speech therapist accredited and registered with us. These therapists are located throughout the Las Vegas valley and parents can select a therapist of their choice that meets with the needs of their child and whose facilities are located conveniently for them.

When: Speech therapy sessions are offered weekly. The family has a choice of whether to enroll their child in group or individual sessions. Although a few families opt for group therapy, most families elect individual speech therapy sessions because the child receives more individualized attention to focus on the areas where they need specific help and improvement.

Why: Speech therapy significantly improves their speech and language skills, and helps them to overcome the many communication challenges specific to individuals affected by Down syndrome. The DSOSN families who have a child with Down syndrome are truly grateful that financial assistance for speech therapy is available to them because most insurance companies do not cover speech therapy for these children. And the companies that do very often limit the number of sessions they can attend under insurance coverage. They usually do not cover enough sessions to significantly benefit the child because for speech therapy to be effective, it must consistent and ongoing. The DSOSN Speech Therapy Program enables parents, through financial assistance, to provide speech therapy sessions for their child on an ongoing and consistent basis that helps significantly in improving their speech and language skills that in turn helps with their growth and development in making them happy, healthy and productive individuals.