Mondays Dark Event – August 20, 2018


DSOSN would like to

thank everyone who

attended and supported

the Mondays Dark year-end

event on December 18, 2017

with Mark Shunock.

It was a fantastic and phenomenal evening!

As most everyone knows by now,

DSOSN has been selected as one

of the charitable recipients for

Mondays Dark for 2018.

The date of our event is

Monday – August 20, 2018.

DSOSN Board Member Sandy Windom

and DSOSN Director of Fund Development

are Co-Chairs of this new Committee.

We are in need of several committee members

to help make the event successful.

We will be announcing a date for our

very first committee meeting shortly.

Help is going to be needed to promote the

events, sell tickets and acquire auction items.

Please look for more details to

follow shortly.