2018 DSOSN Membership Drive



Doesn’t time seem to fly? It is hard to believe it is already mid-February. DSOSN is now in the mist of its annual membership drive.

For the past 2 years we have not had membership dues. The DSOSN Board of Directors has made the well thought out decision to return to the $25 minimum membership dues.

By paying your dues, you help to support our many programs, services and events that directly benefit our children and families. Below is a list of our present and upcoming programs and we hope to add more in the coming future. We have many ideas and suggestions that we would like to pursue further, but we can’t do it with the support of our membership.

Our Present programs include:

  • Speech

  • Music: Ages 14 and up

  • Music: Ages 5 – 13

  • New Parent Program

  • Touro Playtime Therapy

  • Salsa Dance Class

  • Hip-Hip Dance Class

  • Sign Language

  • Art Worksop

  • Cool 21’s Teen and Adult Group

  • Others: Guest Speaker Series, Hispanic Outreach, Lending Resource Library, Member Socials and other Benefits

  • New and Returning Programs

    • Music: Ages 0 – 5

    • The Learning Program

Paying dues is also an indication of our organizations size and strength. These factors can be crucial when applying for funds such as grants.

By becoming a member, you benefit from our programs, support and educational resources. You also receive the DSOSN email newsletter where we try to keep you updated on the most recent information.

Thank you to those who have already paid their dues and we ask that you consider passing this information along to someone else who many benefit from our services and/or who may want to support us.

Families of newborns are free for the first year.

DSOSN never turns a family down in need of our services. If you a family in need, please contact DSOSN to become a member waiving the membership fee. In addition to paying your dues, you can also sponsor a family in need for an additional $25

Ways to pay for your membership dues:

  • By filing out the membership application and paying through the DSOSN website at www.dsosn.org

    • The DSOSN Membership Application and Payment progressing link is on the top right side of the DSOSN website home page.

  • By filing out the attached membership application, along with the Media Waiver and other forms, and sending to DSOSN via mail or fax to 702-648-2020. You can pay by Credit Card or Check. Send to: DSOSN, 5300 Vegas Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89108

Members must be in good standing with DSOSN by March 31, 2018 to receive benefits, attend socials and vote at the Annual Membership Meeting in April.

2018 DSOSN Membership Application

2018 DSOSN Media Waiver

2018 DSOSN Credit Card Membership Form

2018 DSOSN Hold Harmless Agreement Form

2018 DSOSN Emergency Contact Information Form Page One

2018 DSOSN Emergency Contact Information Form Page Two